Rat Park

a film series set in Vermont exploring addiction and the road to recovery

Get to know our cast and crew!

   Cal Hopwood

   Series Creator, Co-writer and Director


    Cal is a life-long Vermonter. After going to school for film production, he began working in the video/film/media industry in VT and around the country. In addition to crewing on commercial, documentary and film productions for the past decade He obtained a Masters Degree in Emergent Media in 2015 and has split his time since then working both as a freelancer and educator at the high-school and collegiate level.  He is currently pursuing a Master in Education with a focus in blending entertainment and education not only for film production but to develop new curriculum on media literacy for youth.




   Nick Wright

   Series Co-writer and Actor


    Nick Wright is a Cosmic Empowerment Coach helping people connect with their truest and most authentic selves so they can shine brighter in all areas of their lives! For over a decade, he has studied astrology, intuitive counseling, and personal empowerment to make profound changes in my own life. Now he has synthesized these different approaches to create Cosmic Empowerment Coaching. This methodology can revolutionize ones perspective, giving insight into ones unique soul signature, and help you achieve self actualization.

    He is also a New Hampshire based rapper, vocalist, and songwriter by the name of Ethyric  with a diverse sound blending several styles of hip hop, rock, and alternative music. Ethyric met his current music partner B. Snair in 2017 and they released their first album together in the spring of 2019 called “The Five Elements EP”. The album is inspired by the 5 Classical Greek elements of fire, earth, air, water, and ether. Ethyric sees these fundamental elements as underlying the way our universe operates. He also uses these elements in his astrological coaching practice to help clients find balance, clear blocks, and tap into their highest potential. In 2021, Ethyric started recording a new album with B. Snair set to release in 2022.




Rat Park